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#etvScandal: An open letter to Mlu and Grace

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We can appreciate that a manuscript introducing 12,498 new phage genomes (whole and large fragments) leaves a feeling of unfinished business no matter how it is written. Seeing these reviews also help us see that we failed to really start out with a quantitative metric of “impact” as to us the scale alone (augmenting available phage genome sequences by an order of magnitude) was a closed case. This is because the last decade has seen microbial ecology transformed by large scale datasets including the Global Ocean Survey microbial metagenomics dataset (Rusch et al. PLoS Biology, 2007) and the first viral metagenomic dataset (Angly et al. PLoS Biology, 2006) – papers which have 1383 and 613 citations, respectively. At the same time, viral ecology is paralyzed by the dominance of “unknowns” in metagenomics studies as commonly 63–93% of new viral metagenomic reads are new to science, presumably because we only have just over a thousand phage genomes and they derive largely (85%) from only 3 of 45 bacterial phyla.

How much of a difference will our 12,498 host-associated phage genomes improve the situation? A new analysis we include here shows that they as much as double the number of affiliated proteins for some environmental viromes (∼35% for seawater viromes vs ∼100% for human gut virome; see Author response image 1 ). Thus we hope this more clearly emphasizes how single study’s dataset alone will be foundational for future ecology studies seeking to “see” viruses in microbial datasets and to affiliate viruses in viral datasets. These new results were added to the revised manuscript (text and new 2018 Cool Womens X Ultra 3 W Climbing Shoes Salomon Low Shipping Fee Online Perfect Quality Free Shipping For Sale Outlet Amazing Price tIsMy2uUJm

Author response image 1
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Open asset

Predicted genes from the Pacific Ocean Viromes ( Ascs GelLyte V Embroidered Trainers With Coloured Sole Cream Asics Cheap 2018 Newest Footlocker For Sale stVdF
), Tara Ocean Viromes ( Outlet How Much Cheap Sale Lowest Price Mens Jordan SuperFly 2017 Low Basketball Shoes Nike Cheapest Good Selling Cheap Online OaWfErjQlV
) and Human Gut Viromes (Minot et al., 2013) were compared to RefSeqVirus (May …

As well, we can see that we failed to clearly articulate to the reviewers the specific biological advances made in this manuscript. To summarize these advances, we list the major advances here, any single of which, I would argue, could be the sole focus of a strong, top-tier manuscript.

1) The amount of viral signal in publicly deposited genomes (12.5k highly confident viral sequences in 15k bacteria and archaea genomes) is unexpectedly high since we focused our analysis on “active” infections by excluding fragmented genomes likely to be defective or decayed prophages.

2) This study is the first to attempt to quantify the lesser studied types of viruses and finds viral genomes not integrated in the host genome to be rather abundant (>1k sequences were identifiable, subsection “New viruses detected in public microbial genomic datasets with VirSorter”). These could represent extrachromosomal prophages, chronic, or “cryptic” lytic viruses (i.e. lytic viruses that goes unnoticed in a culture), all infection types that are understudied and with unknown and likely underestimated ecological impacts.

A new VCS trigger with the default settings triggers a build each time new changes are detected: the version control is polled for changes according to the Sale Online Shop Free Shipping Shop For Lennon sneakers White Les Essentiels Ebay Online rEh4P6fiIg
of a VCS root honouring a VCS commit hook if configured. Newly detected changes appear as Pending Changes of a build configuration. If several check-ins are made during this time, only one build will be triggered . If you have several VCS roots attached to a build configuration, TeamCity will add the build to the queue only after the longest of the specified intervals .

one build will be triggered after the longest of the specified intervals

After the last change is detected, there is a quiet period before the build is started.

The global default value for both options is 60 seconds and can be configured for the server on the Administration | Global Settings page.

Administration Global Settings

You can adjust a VCS trigger to your needs using the options described below:

If you have a build chain (i.e. a number of builds interconnected by How Much Cheap Sale Outlet Locations Black Beckett Wedge Sneakers Isabel Marant Clearance Sast Genuine Cheap Price Fashion Style Cheap Price W54EjFESYg
), the triggers are to be configured in the final build in the chain. This is pack setup in the image below.

Let's take a build chain from the example: pack setup --depends on-- tests --depends on-- compile .

With the VCS Trigger set up in the pack setup configuration, the whole build chain is usually triggered when TeamCity detects changes in pack setup; changes in compile will trigger compile only and not the whole chain. If you want the whole chain to be triggered on a VCS change in compile , add a VCS trigger with the Trigger on changes in snapshot dependencies Blue Lucy sneakers Premiata Cheap Discount Sale Clearance Outlet Store CXx8g1
enabled to the finalbuild configuration of the chain, pack setup .This will not change the order in which builds are executed, but will only trigger the whole build chain, if there is a change in any of snapshot dependencies.In this setup, no VCS triggers are required for the compile or tests build configurations.

Trigger on changes in snapshot dependencies

If triggering rules are specified (described below ), they are applied to all the changes (including changes from snapshot dependencies) and only the changes matching the rules trigger the build chain.

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